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Immerse your nails in the sheer brilliance of SNI's “Water” clear nail lacquer – a liquid jewel that encapsulates pure elegance and versatility. Dive into the crystal-clear allure of this lacquer that enhances your natural beauty effortlessly.

Each order comes with a free manicure kit.

Transform your nails into liquid jewels with “Water” – a clear lacquer that embodies the beauty of simplicity and the brilliance of clarity. Dive into elegance effortlessly. 💅💎

✨ Crystal Clear Shine: “Water” captures the essence of clarity, providing your nails with a brilliant, glass-like finish.
💅 Versatile Elegance: Whether worn solo for a minimalistic look or as a top coat to amplify other shades, “Water” adapts to your unique style.
💧 Quick-Dry Formula: Embrace convenience with our swift-dry technology, ensuring your nails are ready to shine in no time.

 1. Prepare Nails:  Begin with clean, dry nails, shaping them to perfection.
2. Apply:  Glide the precision brush over your nails, embracing the transparent beauty of “Water.” For added intensity, apply multiple coats.
3. Solo Elegance or Top Coat Brilliance: Wear “Water” alone for a simple, natural look, or apply as a top coat to enhance and protect other lacquer shades.
4. Quick-Dry Finish: Revel in the quick-dry formula, allowing you to flaunt your radiant nails without the wait.

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